Curated works for companies at any stage:

  • Early: Establishing a brand and defining their position in the market

  • Growth: Company is growing and they need more resources to scale marketing or technology to suit

  • Renewal: The company brand and approach needs a refresh due to time in market or declining growth 

Below are some tips that can help you decide if a Curated membership is right for you.

Companies that use Curated

The type of companies we help the most are established businesses that use both internal and external teams to undertake important projects. For larger companies, get in touch with us here for a tailored approach.

Companies use Curated to access a variety of creative and development teams. For example - designers, developers, content creators, videographers, marketers and more.

Using an external team can get you access to better skills, at the right price point.

You see some Project Inspiration in our article: What type of projects can I do with Curated

What industries are our members in?

Companies in a wide range of industries spend a good portion of their budget on multiple outsourced projects throughout the year. Right now, we see a lot of projects in the following industries:

  • Ecommerce

  • Tech / Mobile

  • Leisure + Hospitality

  • Media

  • Consumer Retail

Who do we work with on your team?

When it comes to the person on your team that Curated usually works with, it all depends on the project. 

It’s generally someone that looks after marketing initiatives, such as a new website, branding, social media, PR etc. For smaller companies, this can be the COO or Founder/CEO.

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