Working with your Account Lead

Your Account Lead is an extension of your team, here to help with bringing your projects to life.

Companies often tell us about how they have wasted money working with the wrong teams on external projects - with poorly structured briefs, endless searches, inconsistent proposals.

When you become a Curated Member, you have access to a dedicated Account Lead who is your go-to for anything project related; operating as a concierge for all your external project needs. 

Your Curated Account Lead:

  • Helps to craft and review project briefs

  • Sources the right, vetted boutique teams for your project

  • Reviews proposals and ensures they include an accurate scope of work

  • Manages payments through to project completion

As part of having a ‘Workplace Concierge', your Account Lead will help you with:

  • Future Planning - what types of projects + activities do you want to get done? How can you maximize growth?

  • Project Pipeline - how to structure your next 12 months of projects (and let someone else handle the preparation).

Working with an Account Lead is the best way to ensure: 

  1. Cost savings on projects

  2. Less time wasted on searching for the right team

  3. Better work and better outcomes 

If you are not a Curated member, but would like to discuss an upcoming project with an Account Lead please contact us here or on our website chat box and one of our team will be in touch.

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