The types of teams on Curated are what we call ‘Boutique Teams’ - typically small agencies with 2-20 people. By having a range of different sized teams, Curated caters to a variety of project sizes.

We work with members in a wide range of industries. Our featured teams are in the Creative and Development space, with the following skills the most typical:

  • Advertising

  • Animation

  • AR / VR Design and Development

  • Brand Identity

  • Content Creation

  • Experiential Media

  • Graphic / Digital Design

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Mobile App Design and Development

  • Photography

  • Social Media

  • Video Production

  • Web Design and Development

Companies that use Curated:

  • See the value in working with external teams

  • Have a need for a variety of skillsets

  • Need to undertake longer-term projects (typically one month or more)

  • Lack the internal resources to get the projects done

  • Enjoy working with an Account Lead to source the right teams for changing project needs

You can read more about how to Apply to be a Curated Team here.

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