Your Project Brief

In order to post a project to Curated and receive proposals from Teams, you are required to use Curated's standard Project Brief. 

You can either complete the Project Brief yourself, or work with your Account Lead to create a suitable Brief. 

To prepare your brief, it’s helpful to know:

  • A summary of your project

  • What you are hoping to achieve

  • The budget range (i.e. $10k - $20k)

  • The project timeline

If working with your Account Lead, they will help you gather requirements and project specifications. They will also offer insights and assist in determining what's appropriate when it comes to budget.  

The Project Brief contains these sections: 

  • Project Name

  • Budget Range

  • Project Summary

  • Project Deliverables

Project Brief example:

About Project Deliverables 

Project Deliverables are generally high-level phases of a project. Deliverables for a Website Refresh project, for example, might be split into: 

  1. Mini-brand refresh 

  2. UX & UI 

  3. Development

The information given in these deliverables isn’t meant to take the place of a full project scope, however, Curated ensures there is enough information provided in the Project Brief so that teams can

  1. Determine whether they are a right fit for the project

  2. Provide examples to you that showcase similar work

  3. Submit a high-level budget estimate for each deliverable

Once drafted, your Project Brief will be ready to review and post. 

Posting a Project

When you are ready to start receiving proposals for your project, login to your Curated Account.

On the menu bar, you will see a link to ‘Post a Project’.

Take the information from your Project Brief and upload it into the sections provided. 

Your Account Lead will confirm when the project has been posted successfully.

You can contact your Account Lead for help, or use the website chat box function.

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