Receiving Proposals

Once your project brief has been posted, the Curated team will review and approve for sharing with teams.

You will then be informed via email that we have shared the project brief with teams.

At the end of the proposal submission period, your proposals will be available in your Curated Dashboard. 

Reviewing Proposals

Companies typically receive 4-6 proposals per project. Each Curated Proposal will have:

  • A link to the team's website and/or online portfolio

  • A note from the team about their relevant experience

  • A high-level budget estimate for the overall project and each deliverable

  • Additional comments and thoughts about your project

Some teams choose to submit a link to their own proposal, or capabilities deck. 

Your Account Lead is available to walk through the proposals and answer any questions you have.

Creating a Shortlist

Once you have received proposals, the next step is to create a shortlist of teams that you would like to potentially move forward with.

How to shortlist teams

When reviewing proposals and considering teams, we suggest you:

  • Look at examples of the work they have provided

  • Be sure to check out their website for further context

  • Review details of their approach, and key differences to other teams

  • Ensure they understand what you are trying to achieve

Interviewing teams

Once you've shortlisted your teams, your Account Lead will make the introduction via email to schedule an introductory call.

Choosing a team to work with

Once you have decided on a team to work with, the next steps are:

  1. Tell your Account Lead who you have chosen to work with

  2. Curated will send an email to both you and the team confirming that you're working together

  3. The team will send you their standard agreement to sign and any additional terms

  4. We'll send over payment documents + our Project Exhibit

  5. Get started!

Please note: we suggest the team prepares a formal scope of work so you both agree on the project deliverables before signing any agreements.

You can find out more about how project payments are managed here.

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