How project payments work 

When it comes to project payments, Curated handles both the invoicing of a client and payments to teams. 

Here’s a breakdown of how it works.

Payment schedule

A client and team agree on the schedule of project payments. This is often:

  • Full project amount billed in advance of work

  • 50% at the beginning of the project, 50% upon achievement of a milestone

  • Installment payments based on deliverables


Making your first payment

At the commencement of a project, Curated will:

  • Collect the payment details from the team

  • Invoice the client for the first scheduled payment 

Releasing the first project payment

Once Curated has received the first project payment, we will:

  1. Confirm the amount with both parties

  2. Release payment to the team, net of any applicable Curated fee.  

Curated fees

Curated receives 15% of the Total Project Price, paid by the team.

For example, if a final project price is $20,000, then:

  • The member pays $20,000 for the work

  • Curated will receive 15% of the $20,000 (i.e. $3,000).

  • The team will be paid $17,000 for the work

Any fees payable to Curated are paid prior to funds being released to teams.

Payment of Curated Fees 

Curated’s fee is paid from the first payment (15% of total project cost).

For example, if a project’s overall budget price is $30,000 (paid 50% upfront and 50% on completion), a payment schedule would look like:

1. Project kick-off

  • Client invoiced 50% @ $15,000 by Curated

  • Curated releases funds to team, net 15% of project price ($4,500) = $10,500

2. Project completion

  • Client invoiced 50% @ $15,000 by Curated

  • Curated releases final payment to the team = $15,000

Changes to project payment schedule

If there are any changes to the payment schedule or deliverables, please contact your Account Lead who will adjust the schedule.

Project Extensions

If a project gets extended, or more work is undertaken, Curated’s 15% fee is applied to the new amounts.

For example: Project Extension of $4,000 for new feature

  • Additional Curated fee = $600

  • Team Receives Additional: $3,400 

You can continue working with the same team, just let your Account Lead know. Curated Fees continue to apply for 12 months.

A full breakdown of the Terms & Conditions related to working with a team through Curated is available in Curated's Terms of Use here.

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