We are fortunate to have a number of world-leading Boutique Teams that have been accepted as part of the Curated Community.

For your Boutique Team to become a Curated team, you must apply here

Curated's application process


Applications are processed in accordance with our multi-step vetting process. We look at multiple parts of your application, including team, experience, size, clients and skills. We also communicate with you for any questions and items that require clarification.

Project Profile

If your application is accepted, you will be asked to complete a Project Profile - so we can learn more about the types of projects your team loves working on the most, and the types of budget ranges you typically work in. 

Sharing Projects

We only share projects with teams that are the right fit. Projects are shared on an invitation basis, and we try to ensure you are only viewing briefs and submitting a proposal for projects that are best fit.

It doesn’t cost anything to be a team on Curated. 

The role of an Account Lead

You can learn more about how we share projects with you here. If a project is shared with you, the Account Lead for that project will be in touch with further details and the project deadline.

An Account Lead is your contact point for any project related information - both in the proposal process and if your team is chosen for a project.

If you have any project payment related questions, you can reach out to the project Account Lead, or speak to the accounts team here.

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