Project Brief

When Curated has a project that is a good fit for your team, we share the Project Brief to your Curated account. 

Below we'll explain how to learn more about the project via the Project Brief and submit a proposal. 

Step 1 - Learn More About a Project

When you see a project has been shared to your dashboard, at the bottom of the post click the link ‘More Details & Submit a Proposal’

Step 2 - Review the Project Brief

You will be able to view the Project Brief and Project Deliverables. These are generally high-level phases of a project. Deliverables for a Website Refresh project, for example, might be split into: 

  1. Mini-brand refresh 

  2. UX & UI 

  3. Development

The information given in these deliverables doesn't usually take the place of a full project scope or provide specific requirements for the project. However, they should provide enough details so that you are able to:

  • Determine whether your team is a good fit for the project

  • Submit a high-level budget estimate for each deliverable

Step 3 - Submitting a Curated Proposal

To submit a proposal for a project, scroll to the bottom of the Project Brief and click on ‘Submit Proposal’:

We call your response a ‘Curated Proposal’ - which aims to give a client three things: 

  1. A snapshot of your team’s profile and relevant experience

  2. A high-level initial budget estimate 

  3. Confidence that you understand their project goals and delivery timeline

These are explored further below.

Relevant experience

This section gives your team the ability to address the client and introduce your team and experience.

This gives you the opportunity to showcase your approach and understanding of the project and points the client towards any case studies or examples of work you feel are relevant.

Budget estimate

The budget is split into: 

  • The overall budget estimate for this project

  • A price for each deliverable

It’s important to ensure that any price you propose is inclusive of Curated's 15% fee. 

For example: if you propose an overall price of $30,000, your company would be paid net of any Curated fee (-15%) - i.e. $25,500.

Please note: these are high-level budget estimates. You are not expected to provide an exact price. These typically change once you connect with a client and agree on a scope of work.

Additional Comments

There’s space at the end of the proposal form for you to add any additional comments that you would like the team to know, or questions you would be looking to cover in a conversation with them. 

Submitting your ‘own’ Proposal 

 You can submit your own proposal for a project. 

Some teams choose to submit their own proposals AND a capabilities deck.

To submit your own proposal, instead of filling out all the sections, you can:

  1. Click the Submit Proposal at the bottom of the Project Brief

  2. Fill out the budget details - if you have split deliverables out differently in your proposal, you can give each deliverable a $0. 

  3. Add a link to the PDF or similar online version of your proposal (for example, a Dropbox or Google Drive link). 

Please note, you can not upload an attachment to the form. 

Be sure to include a personal message in the comments section of the Curated Proposal. 

Deadline to submit a proposal

When a project is shared with you, you will receive an email letting you know the due date for the proposal. Please adhere to this deadline, in order to ensure that your proposal is considered. 


If you have a question about a project brief or require further information, please email your Account Lead at Curated.

You can also add additional comments / questions for the client in the Additional Comments section. 

What happens after I submit a proposal?

Clients receive proposals from Curated Teams one business day after the deadline has been reached. Typically clients receive between 4-6 proposals per project, depending on project specifications.

Once clients have worked through proposals:

  • Clients are asked to provide a shortlist of teams they wish to be introduced to. 

  • Curated makes an individual introduction to each shortlisted team, to arrange a meeting and discuss scope of work. 

Some clients take longer to work through proposals. 

We will only notify you:

  1. If you have made the shortlist; and or

  2. When the client has chosen a team to work with.


If you have been shortlisted by the client:

  • You will receive an email from Curated, introducing you to the client.

  • You are welcome to arrange any meetings as you normally would. 

  • If you do decide to work together, we always suggest a formal scope of work is prepared, along with your standard agreement.

Curated manages all payments between a client and their chosen team. You can find more on the next stage of a project - payments and getting started here

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